San Jose opens first tiny home community for homeless


“Walking into San Jose’s first tiny home community for homeless residents is like stepping foot inside a miniature gated neighborhood. After making your way past the 10-foot gate surrounding the property, 40 tiny homes — 80-square-feet rectangular structures with just enough room for a single bed, desk, shelf and air conditioning and heating system — are in neat rows with gravel paths, lined with potted plants, leading from one home to another.

The unconventional community built on a Valley Transportation Authority site leased by the city on Mabury Road near Coyote Creek offers a mix of stability and compassion for those trying to stay afloat in spite of the region’s chronic shortage of affordable housing.”

Follow link for the rest of the story. Hopefully some sort of authority figure(s) is present to require the residents to take care of their little house and its surroundings. Dirt-balls and scum bags that tear a place up can not be allowed to destroy the place. Force the residents to live calmly and peacefully. Allow riff-raff to run wild and it ruins life for decent folks.


San Jose opens first tiny home community for homeless

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