Another Bike Trailer

bicycle trailer bed home-made

Long-term bike-trailer living cries out for more interior room. Especially head room. Being able to sit upright would be awesome. If light-weight materials are used portability remains. Too much weight can hider pedaling to move your home.

Two exits or more is highly advisable in case of emergency, attack by evil gang-bangers or mentally deranged folks or if you happen to start a fire inside while cooking, heating your abode or whatever the cause.

When parking to sleep do so in a place where errant motor vehicles can not strike your home. Observe the news stories of drunken idiots running into anything and everything; stores, homes, trains, everything!!! Demented drunken deviants driving dangerously receive too-little punishment for the horrors those scum cause. Always seek a space where the drunken sops can not strike you. Another idiotic cohort are the babbling buffoons and their dell phones/portable electronic devices. The most dangerous of this idiotic cohort are the potential murderers texting while driving. Look around you and observe the brain-dead self-centered scum insisting upon texting while driving. All around them are in peril. You and your bike-trailer are in the most danger while traversing any road in the USA. Akin the drunk drivers the texting filth also leave the roadway at times and all in their path are in peril.

One of your escape hatches should be crafted so that it can only be locked from the inside. Try to make it invisible to outsiders. Your main entry will have an outside hasp or other device allowing it to be locked when you are away from home. When you are inside a fiend or criminal or an out-of-control brat or anybody with evil intent can lock that door in many ways (with their own padlock or a stick or metal rod inserted, whatever) leaving you helpless inside as they vandalize your trailer and/or bike or set your home on fire or any number of evil deeds that can harm or kill you. There IS evil in the world and the wise person knows this and while not living in fear is always prepared for eventualities and remains alert to their surroundings. This is known as situational awareness. After growing up Gringo among the Chicano gangs where they would attack me whenever the opportunity arose I developed situational awareness around 4th grade and it has stayed with me my entire life. At times, it appears that when predators detect that the prey is aware of them and the prey appears to be capable of fighting back the criminal scum will select a different potential victim.

Living homeless is dangerous. USA mentally ill folks used to often be housed in secure facilities where they received treatment and a warm, dry place to live. At taxpayer cost, of course. In the 1960s and 1970s the politician lackeys of the tyrannical elite class sought to save taxpayer money and began closing those institutions. Assisting the greedy tiny percentage of the populace possessing the majority of the national wealth were the “do-gooders” as seen with the ACLU (UNABLE TO CREATE A LINK HERE) that demanded the mentally ill be released and allowed to roam free. With both groups working together we have the armies of mentally ill roaming out towns and cities.

The end result was the mentally ill filling the homeless ranks and becoming the immediate direct concern of us common folks being confronted by the crazed fiends. The police also become akin to wardens as the mentally ill became wards of the legal system with jails and prisons substituting for asylums.

The new “block” editor can supposedly be circumvented by opting for the “classic” mode. I am doing everything possible to make the acronym ACLU above a link to their Web site. Can not do it. What a shame that WordPress has ruined their offering. There is now assuredly a huge horde of disgruntled bloggers ready to abandon WordPress (WP) for an offering that is akin to what WP used to be.

I have more to write but I am too angry and DISGUSTED with WordPress that I am stopping this post.

The search for a new blogging site continues. If you know of a good one please place a link to it in the comment area below. Thank you!!!!

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