No Tiny Towns in a Country Lorded Over by Tyrannical Elites and Their Vile New World Order

tiny house A-frame cabin


If that tiny “house” was just a little bigger a tiny bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower could be included and a mere 4- or 5-feet would allow a tiny sink, stove and refrigerator.

The A-frame is cute but a basic box would allow more interior room. Packing people into too small areas can be problematic. Civil folks can get along as is seen in Japan but in a diverse, multicultural mess such as the USA the multitude of negatives that accompany the disgusting diversity and mayhem-causing multiculturalism shove the human herd into crowded locale and be prepared for a very-high crime rate and constant uncivil and anti-social behaviors.

Reality of life in a USA torn apart by cultural and socioeconomic warfare with a vile, evil New World Order propelled by tyrannical elites and their army of well-paid minions, cohorts, lackeys and brainwashed buffoon common folks ensures that nothing of substance can be done to alleviate the problems associated with home/house affordability. The reasons for internal war and shelter costs would fill a lengthy book and far beyond the scope of this blog. What I can do is dream. Envision a country where the elites and their army does not wield near-total power over everything within the USA. So here comes my fantasy.

The military tribunal interviews candidates for the “Tiny Town” where rent cost is based upon income. The rules are simple and are ruthlessly enforced. Tiny Town is where peaceful folks with respect for others dwell. If you want to fill the environment with noise, strife, whatever go far away and do it. Be a pest in Tiny Town and expect the armed guard who WILL shoot your ass if you want to be a tough guy or gal to arrive and escort you out of Tiny Town. Reappear to cause trouble and expect severe punishment. Tiny Town is a NO BULLSHIT zone!!!! Be respectable and a decent person and you will live in serenity and safety in Tiny Town. So unlike much of the declining USA where thugs and scum are adored by tyrannical elites since those filth assist with their forcing their New World Order upon the USA.

There is a separate Tiny Town for drug addicts where treatment is available. For the incurable drug addicts who, for whatever reason, are unable to ween themselves from noxious substances, the labor camps where the addicts are totally and permanently isolated from the rest of society await them. Those self-sufficient work farms have those dwelling there growing their own food and raising animals for protein. The rules are basic, Work and you eat. Do not work and you starve. Attack a guard and be flogged. Do it again and you hang for all to see.

Hey, I can fantasize!!! It’s my blog!!!

Will the USA ever have Tiny Towns? It better what with the constant influx of diversity and multiculturalism both legal and illegal as the hordes swarm across the borders that will propel the population to an eventual ONE-BILLION then more more more!!!.

The elites exult as their weapons (huge hordes of non-Western people) enter in massive numbers. Weapons to strike at the USA and all of Western civilization since the New World Order seeks to impose one government to lord over all Western countries. Eventually, separate countries will cease to exist and borders will be erased as the few might New Royalty hereditary masters give orders to their lackeys who, in turn, order the armed jack-booted warlords and the warriors below them to enforce the Master’s rules over the masses of peons, peasants, vassals and for those defying the Masters the slaves in chains . . . well, the defiant ones that were not murdered to send a message to the rest of the lowly commoners.

Do you sigh in disbelief? Are you one of the very few that have a grasp of human history? The typical USA resident has a reading comprehension level of an 8th-grader. Forty-nine-percent have less than that. The quality of the USA citizenry has declined over the decades ant that has been done purposefully!!!! A stupid people unaware of life realities is far easier to control than are the folks of the quality that comprised the Founders of the USA. Sadly, the quality folks of the USA are increasingly lackeys and minions of the tyrant elites. Many are unaware of this since they will declare, “But, I am just doing my job,” they spew from their corporate or government cubicle or while hiding from protesters behind a locked door as their hand holding a pistol appears to shoot dead a female military veteran unarmed protesting an increasingly tyrannical federal government that is loyal to the moneyed interests; the elites with the majority of the national wealth and the corporations that bestow wealth to politicians and bureaucrats departing office or position.


Ashli Babbitt murdered Capitol protest Jan 6 2021


The USA has the finest government money can buy!!!

These topics are extremely complicated!!! For the minute percentage of the populace truly interested in the downfall of the USA there are many patriots posting opinions, information, data and more at a multitude of Web sites. The curious can seek them out using search engines and DIGGING DEEP into them results since most search engines bury patriots and place at the forefront the Web sites conveying the New World Order cause. Yes, tyranny has encompassed every aspect of the USA and the propaganda and indoctrination is everywhere.

In conclusion . . . since decent, quality Tiny Towns with tiny houses remain a fantasy I still recommend that lower-class typical USA residents to do all they can to own a motorized vehicle that can double as a place to live. A cargo-van offering ample interior room is a God-send when homelessness strikes. Look to other posts in this blog and the links they offer to assist your efforts in preparing for a homelessness we hope never occurs but life is uncertain and it is good to be prepared.


White power racism Negro anti-White evil devils die identity

White genocide assimilation diversity multiculturalism Europe Western countries

terrorism liberal jihad Islam Moslem leftist NWO

Europe USA Islam Moslem planned invasion destroy West Christian

diversity not strength conflict source non-European immigration Europe weapon race culture mass destruction

diversity multiculturalism gang rape school girls small price to pay Islam Moslem

Britain is quickly becoming a Hell-hole with their traitor lackey politicians serving the national AND international elites by allowing vicious foreign filth to flock into that island country. When the elites and lackeys decide it is time for the takeover there have pity upon the British infidels for the Moslem menace will assuredly be the elite’s enforcement arm. No mercy upon infidels by the Prophet’s warriors!!!

diversity and multiculturism is the USA strength

colonial powers drew borders causing diversity and multiculturalism causing conflict

Look around the world where diversity and multiculturalism causes strife and war. Iraq has different ethnicities, religions and tribes created when Britain drew lines in the sand to create country. No heed given to the differing folks within. It took an iron-fisted dictator, Saddam Hussein, using brutal methods of control, to force those folks to behave at least partially peacefully. The USA removed Saddam and the murders and destruction began. I believe the USA will erupt some year giving the tyrannical elites their opportunity to step in with their lackeys and those tyrants will become our version of Saddam.

Constitution rules for government rules for us

Graphic is inaccurate. Add up local, regional, state and federal laws and regulations and I estimate the pile of papers would be several miles high. Governance, rules and regulations are required for a society to function. What angers patriots is that so many of those rules exist to ensure an elite class remains in wealth and power.

JFK need nation of warriors take up arms citizen freedom liberty

Kennedy knew what was going on behind the scenes where wealthy elites and their corporations were working in cahoots with government to make a tiny portion of the populace immensely wealthy thus powerful.

want big house fast car money others tiny cabin in woods away from the other people

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