Clean Clothes on a Budget


LA’s Totally Awesome laundry detergent


“Don’t just wash your laundry; clean it with the revolutionary stain and grease busting power of LA’s Totally Awesome Detergent. Some detergents are harsh and abrasive, but Awesome Laundry’s advanced surfactant chemistries work between the fabric and the stain to safely remove greases and oils without harming the garment.”


Hello folks. If you are facing possible homelessness or bad luck has hit you hard and you are without what many to most folks consider a “normal” living arrangement you likely have money woes. I am not homeless but my veteran’s disability pension of $1,200 monthly has been taking a big beating thanks to ongoing economic policies and political policies enacted to please the ultra-wealthy elite class along with ensuring that monolithic corporations are properly served by their politician and bureaucrat lackeys.

It is very important for politicians and bureaucrats to please their overlord masters since it is that moneyed class and the corporations and organizations/associations those elites control that ensure politicians and bureaucrats are well-rewarded after leaving office or position. These rewards are done in legal ways. This system of obey and rewards ensures a tiny minority of the USA and the corporations they own/control have immense influence upon all aspects of governance and at all levels of governing; from local to regional to state to federal. You lowly commoners have very little influence upon how the USA operates. Voting is a farce. An ongoing scam where the few delude the many that their vote actually makes a difference upon the command and control systems of the USA.

Here is an example of the reward system. A nobody lawyer from Kenya? Hawaii? Indonesia? Chicago? Wherever, that nobody Obama leaves office after two terms as president and lo . . . a multi-million dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard whose loathing of invading illegal alien invaders backed by the wealth of the island’s inhabitants had the military quickly removing the interlopers. Those millions of invaders belong in the neighborhoods of the lowly commoners where nobody responds to our demands for their removal. Welcome to the USA class system where the common folks are constantly spit upon.

Here’s a picture of Obama’s sprawling estate whose yearly property taxes likely far exceed what you make for a year’s worth of working.



Inflation is making prices soar and soar some more. Wages do not keep up with living costs when you are among the huge numbers of “little people” laboring away for a pittance. We have to watch every penny we spend. Aren’t you glad that traitors in the federal government are sending BILLIONS of USA tax dollars to foreign warlords? Even if you do not earn enough to be required to pay income tax there is sales tax and everything . . . EVERYTHING we buy contains hidden taxes because firms always pass along the expense of the taxes they pay in the costs of goods and services they sell.

Folks, I appeased a tiny bit of the anger within me by ranting at a reality that only a successful Revolutionary War Two or military coup by patriot military officers can repair. These two events are extremely unlikely so be prepared for even tougher days ahead. The millions of invaders allowed to infiltrate the USA will be negatively impacting our growing cohort of have-nots as the have class grows ever-wealthier and gains evermore power over all systems of USA command and control. Yes, tyranny HAS risen.

We, the People, need clean clothes that do not stink. Hopefully you have access to laundry facilities. Locally, a homeless day-shelter has a couple washing machines and dryers where homeless can get laundry done. There are far more folks needing washing done than the facility can provide. Perhaps a friend or relative can allow you to get your clothes washed at their abode.

However you get your laundry done if you need to provide detergent to get the stains and smell out of your garments this is an area where you can save money. One of the local “dollar stores,” Dollar Tree, sells LA’s Totally Awesome laundry detergent for $1 per jug. There are several varieties. I usually get the stuff in the blue bottle after reading positive reviews several years ago.

The Web is full of reviews that you can easily find. For your viewing convenience here is a YouTube review:



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