Not Your Everyday Lifestyle

Hello groovy cats and chicks.

Here in the elite class, corporate and special-interest groups owned and operated USA the economy still sucks for MANY lower-class USA citizens.


But… that is OKAY!!!!!

It is how things are supposed to be.

The commoners of the USA and of the entire world exist to create wealth that those in the upper classes can skim off and enrich themselves.

The elites across the world tend to help each other in enslaving their commoners.

The intelligent ruling masters do their nefarious deeds in a generally civil manner but will resort to many actions, even murder, to maintain control of their commoners.

The USA is one of the countries that trends towards civility in enslaving their masses of commoner low-class vermin scum (that description is assuredly how the USA masters view the lower classes they lord over).

A look at USA history, however, tells of many incidents when the ruling masters and their lackeys used any means necessary to control the commoners.

Murder was used when deemed necessary and when the masters wanted to send a strong message to the commoner classes.

The ruling class uses wealth created by the lower classes to bribe the jackbooted thugs who are loyal to those above them.

The HUGE bureaucracies created by the masters via their lap-dog lackey, putrid, vile and disgusting politician figureheads are useful to We, the People…sometimes but too often some of those bureaucracies are used to control us and to isolate the ruling masters from We, the People.

The enforcement arms of the masters has an enormous number of brainwashed, well-trained killers with enormous firepower ready to murder you and me and others in our despised lower classes.

The ruling master’s warriors are mostly loyal to their pay, pension and perks.

I do not know how many of the master’s killers will refuse to obey their orders to harm or kill We, the People.

Another concern is that the elites of various countries assist each other in skimming wealth from the much more numerous folks of the lower classes. Even if doing so harms We, the People of the various countries.

The USA is assuredly in the midst of a class war but so are many (all?) other countries.

If you want to refrain from becoming a Disgruntled Old Coot such as I then exist as best you can using whatever works best for you.

In this blog I am slowly adding various entries that may assist the common folks in leading a meaningful and/or enjoyable life.

I am aiming my writing at the folks at the lower levels of the socio-economic pyramid-shaped hierarchy.

Along with the griping above I am including a small portion of a neato 1971 movie showing an alternative lifestyle.

Not that I would follow that or a similar lifestyle but you folks deserve some relief from my disgruntledness!!!

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