Pure Homelessness

Pure homelessness is having no place to consider YOUR home.

No tent, no vehicle… nothing.

I do not consider a homeless shelter to be a home. It is a place to keep the wind and rain off you but the many negatives of being forced to sleep in a homeless shelter prevent it from being labeled a home.

An abandoned, empty house can provide shelter but since you can be tossed out at any time by an owner, the police, whatever that place is also just a shelter, not a home.

Many people in the USA would not consider a vehicle to be a home but for those forced to live in a vehicle it can be a home and much better than pure homelessness.

This blog entry was prompted by my seeing a few folks lately who appeared to possibly be homeless who were pulling wheeled luggage behind them.

If I was in a state of pure homelessness I would also likely seek a wheeled luggage device to allow me to have a few possessions to make my miserable life a little better.


Pictured above is the High Sierra AT659 32 -Inch Expandable Wheeled Duffel with Backpack Straps found at Amazon.com.

Amazon has a large assortment of wheeled luggage. The reviews left buy others can assist in deciding which style, type, model, etc. is best for you.

If you are akin to me, planning ahead for bad events, now is the best time to seek out what may be a life necessity should homelessness occurs.

I plan on having a vehicle to live in but if if the worst of the worst occurs?  If pure homelessness strikes me I am prepared by already owning the following:


The pulling handle retracts into the unit. The plastic wheels roll easily on flat, even surfaces but on rougher surfaces you will have to slow down your pace.

It weighs around 10 pounds empty and can be carried easily as long as you are physically capable of doing that.

There are several compartments and attachments that can be used or discarded to suit your needs.

Here are some more pics:






The gray-colored thing in the middle can be removed via its zipper. There are straps on both sides of the internal part of the device that can hold items in place. There are carrying handles on the top and on the side.

If needed I believe that wide webbing-type straps could be used to make this rolling luggage carry-able akin to a back-pack.


There are two zippered compartments on the front. The lower one is rather large and can carry a couple days or more worth of clothing.

If exposed to rain I would use a plastic garbage bag and cover the unit as much as possible. I would also put my clothing and items harmed by water inside plastic bags when packing the “home on wheels.”

Though I plan on having a vehicle if I lose my regular “acceptable to society and the ruling masters and their law enforcement lackeys” housing I foresee possible uses for my rolling luggage.

If money is lacking you may need to remain parked as much as possible. The rolling device could be used to assist in transporting groceries from the store to your vehicle.

The luggage can also assist in carrying dirty clothes to the laundromat and back.

Even if not needed to transport goods it can be used to store stuff inside your vehicle.

If I was in a state of pure homelessness I would use a rope or something to tie my rolling luggage to my belt or something when I slept.

If I was sleeping under a tarp I would use the luggage to support the “roof” of the tarp if needed.

There are so many variables to consider!!!  Protect your possessions as much as possible!!!

Always be creative and plan ahead as much as possible.

If confronted with choices while trying to be as comfortable and safe as possible while homeless… THINK!!!

Use that brain of yours!!!

And if you are reading this now and life is okay or better… you have a safe place to sleep… a place to store and prepare food… that is great!!!!! I wish everybody everywhere had the basics of life!!!

But… as I warn my readers repeatedly… today may be fine but in the future… what awaits you?

Prepare NOW!!!

Stash some money away.

Buy some basics to assist you in trying to live as comfortably as possible when the housing that is traditionally typical for your part of the planet is not available.


You have been warned again!!!!!

Good Luck and… remember… I believe that HUGE monolithic corporations and their many lackeys… especially politicians and bureaucrats… are basically enemies of We, the People.



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