Inflatable Tents


heimplanet the cave inflatable tent and pump

Several types of inflatable tents. If the wind is not too strong I believe the user(s) and their belongings would be ample weight to hold the tent down. A strong to very strong wind may require the tent to be staked to the ground. That would be troublesome if camping upon pavement. I am unsure if rope tied to attachment points on the tent then tied to a tree(s) or other substantial objects would suffice to keep the tent (and you) from being blown away in case a storm arrived.

Portability is easier with the small tents. The larger ones would need, perhaps, a wheeled cart or a bike-trailer to allow portability.  The advantages of a pumping-air to erect and allow air to escape to take down are present along with various drawbacks. I leave it to you to read the information at the links and watch the various videos for you to conceive your own pros and cons.

wenzel vortex 11x9-feet six-person airpitch tent

Rated for six people this tent would be luxurious for one or two folks. Some metropolitan areas have tent-city enclaves where homeless create neighborhoods. I see semi-permanent settlers… until the cops arrive to shoo them off. I would fear theft of the tent so would do my best to find one or more fellow homeless to shelter with me and combine our efforts to ensure the tent was never left unattended. That would take some luck trying to find quality, reliable folks. Instead of messing with that I will go with the smaller tent and take it with me when I departed for a job or to buy vittles or whatever.

A multitude of variables what with all of us have many differing circumstances. What works for me may not work for you. If you go with a tent for shelter a standard old-fashioned tent may be best for you. Or maybe using a tarp, as already mentioned, may work for you.

Videos and text at the site below:

Air-Volution Inflatable Tent – Inflates In Just 1 Minute

Now a review by a guy who camped in it for a week:

Heimplanet Fistral Cairo Camo

Placed here for information purposes and make folks aware of larger tents. Maybe a family will become homeless and will need room for kids. The article writer uses the term “air beam” tents along with the “inflatable” tent name:

15 Best Inflatable Tents For Camping In 2018 – Air Beam Tents

Remember… when I send you to other sites look for links to various places within that site and to useful off-site places that may offer you the information that maximizes your homeless experiences. At the site above I found this useful page. Surely there is more stuff there:

Are Instant Cabin Tents Good – Find The Answer Here

Impractical in many ways but it appears to be a comfy set-up for homeless living. A warmer climate would help. Wintering in a snowy, cold place could be brutal:

Below is the link showing the details and price along with a question/answer section and a comment section. Links to other inflatable tents are on the page:

Wenzel Vortex 6 Tent

The info and links on this page make you aware of the inflatable tent. There is a Web full of info and opinions and advice both good, bad and in-between. If you find a useful site covering inflatable tents please place a link in the comment section below.

Good Luck!!!

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