Two one dollar bills and two quarters.

For some folks that dollar amount is nothing. they may have 10 millions times as much money and the interest it earns, even at today’s horribly minute interest rates from the vehicles us commoners can save with such as CD’s and savings accounts etc., is more than enough to have me living a very comfortable lifestyle, far better than the merely scraping by I am now with my monthly $20 fee for Web access a HUGE percentage of my discretionary outgo.

So, I do not spend even one dollar without careful consideration.

A couple days ago I entered my favorite thrift store… a charity that accepts cast-off donations from folks then sells those items to others at prices often far less than the cost of new stuff.

My favorite part of the store is the “clearance” rack for men’s clothing; all items are 25-cents.

Four for a dollar.

For the price of a new pair of cheaply made denim jeans at the HUGE monolithic retail Mart-Wally store I can buy 60 pairs of used pants at the 25-cent rack.

I have never seen that many pars of any type of pants on the 25-cent rack but the comparison in costs is appropriate.

My last visit resulted in 7 well-preserved t-shirts with various logos and sayings upon them. Great for casual wear, working in and around the shanty and wandering off into public when you want to fit in with the local horde of impoverished folks.

Around these here parts, y’all, wearing a dress shirt, slacks and dressy shoes (dressy shoes means no tennis shoes) folks gaze upon you as if you must be some local politician or important well-paid local elite. It is amazing how dressing that way leads to folks treating you with deference, calling you “Sir” and other interactions that dressing as a commoner does not result in.

T-shirt Nirvana was attained along with one pair of dress slacks and a pair of thick Dickies Brand pants, both in very good condition.

“Hey!!! Disgruntled Old Coot!!! You told us you spent $2.50 and all you have mentioned is 7 t-shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Did you waste the other quarter on wild women or something?”

Pipe down, ye landlubbers. Disparage my Cootness and ye will be walkin’ the gangplank and swimming with the sharks!!!

The other quarter bought me an item I have been seeking for many many months. An object of desire. I have seen a very few of them at thrift stores but none were the proper size to fit me or were in deplorable condition and should not have even been up for sale, even at a thrift store.

I will take a picture of my beloved newly-acquired ugly, tacky shirt later but until then here is an example of a tacky shirt:


tacky shirt

That is not the tackiest of tacky, ugly shirts but it does rate a “tacky” as does my new, used 25-cent tacky shirt.

I am so proud!!!

So, kids, remember, the dollars you save buying cheap apparel may be dollars for later when tough times come calling and you will be grateful for every dollar you didn’t spend and held onto.

Despite the elite-class scum and their cohorts, minions and lackeys ensuring your savings actually lose value over time due to inflation ensuring the costs of good and services exceeds the amount your savings earn you.

That is normal in an economic system in a country designed to maximize the wealth flow to the few hands at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.




If it makes you feel better, the wealth required to isolate the elites from the masses of despised commoners… that’s likely you and assuredly me and most of the folks I know, require a HUGE hunk of the national wealth… wealth created by common folks, not parasitical entities such as the HUGE bureaucracies and various systems used to isolate the masters from us despised common folks.

And the many people employed to be lackeys of the ruling masters… and there are many millions of them, receive wages and benefits better than those of us common folks so at least a few of us are getting by with at least a semblance of security.

It IS a shame, however, that our efforts are skimmed from and used to enslave us.

Oh well.

Since we all die eventually when viewing our enslavement from a LARGE viewpoint the immensely minute amount of time we scrape by the best we can is meaningless in the BIG “scheme of things.”

The briefest flicker of light between two ENORMOUS spans of darkness. Is that our life? Is there more beyond our Earthly existence?

Can an honest person prove there is more than our brief mortal period?

Sure, many folks proclaim the “Truth” but they offer no proof I can accept… only some “faith” thing.

Wanting something to be does not mean that something is fact.

Oh well.

If belief in a better afterlife soothes you… go for it!!!!

I, however, can neither believe nor disbelieve.

If death is total annihilation of consciousness then I will not even know I am dead. Will never be bored or tired or sense anything!!!!!!!!!

So, if THAT is the end result of my flicker here on Earth… then that saying I heard in SE Asian waters aboard that warship decades ago comes to mind; “It don’t mean nuthin’.”

Until that light flickers out and whatever awaits arrives I encourage all to try to be as comfortable as possible and may good health be yours and encourage all folks to follow what I believe is an excellent life philosophy:


Be Nice!!!

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